Cultura Turcica

Yayıncı:Türk Kültürünü Araştırma Enstitüsü Yayınları
ISSN no:0011-281X
Yayın Yeri : Ankara
Dili : Türkçe
Cultura Turcica 12
Sayı : 12
Tarih : 1988
Liste Fiyatı : 33,00 TL
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Cultura Turcica 12   

Yazısı bulunanlar ve makaleleri

Yazar Makale Adı Sayfa No Dergi veya Eser Adı Konu
Connoisseur "‘Painting the East’; a trio of exhibitions in Doha Munich and Madrid celebrate the work of artists inspired by the Ottoman world " 007 - 012 Cultura Turcica 12
‘The Key to Kastamonu’ Cornucopia’s 50 - page celeration illustrating four ways to savour the area on a short trip is the result of a visit to the region by the magazine’s publisher Berrin Torolsan photographer Solvi dos Santos and the local historian and 070 - 118 Cultura Turcica 12
‘The Ottoman Farmhouse’ a visit to a lovely but unpretentious old Ottoman farmhouse where the family live in traditional style and welcome guests with organic food grown on the estate 072 - 085 Cultura Turcica 12
‘A Town of Many Mansions’ A stroll around Kastamonu with its hundreds of historic konaks and a glimpse of a bygone way of life 086 - 097 Cultura Turcica 12
‘The Quiet Coast’ a trip from Kastamonu over dramatic mountains to the sleepy seaside town of İnebolu 098 - 105 Cultura Turcica 12
‘The Painted Mosque’ a visit to a small gem in a remote setting ten miles out of town: the unique 14th - century wooden mosque of Mahmut Bey 106 - 115 Cultura Turcica 12
‘Kastamonu Travel Notes’ a quick guide on where to eat where to stay and what to buy 116 - 118 Cultura Turcica 12
Andrew Finkel ‘Private View’, the author foresees disaster in plans for a new Bosphorus bridge, enjoys the furore over a costume drama that looks set to run and run, and recalls early lessons in the etiquette of coffee - drinking 120 Cultura Turcica 12
Azize Ethem ‘Village Voices’ Mrs Ethem relishes the dolmuş experience hopes her local hamam will escape a disastrous restoration revises her low opinion of goats and makes Turkish friends on the island of Java 123 Cultura Turcica 12
Berrin Torolsan ‘Wild at Heart’ simple recipes celebrating the best of locally grown seasonal strawberries bursting with fragrance 124 - 129 Cultura Turcica 12
Andrew Finkel ‘The art of smart dining’, sampling a selection of Istanbul’s smarter city - centre restaurants in search of a truly memorable dining experience 138 Cultura Turcica 12
Kevin Gould ‘Turkey’s happy hour’ how the country’s winemakers are cultivating a taste for their distinctive products 142 Cultura Turcica 12

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