Yayıncı:Kayık Yayıncılık
Yayın Yeri : İstanbul
Dili : Türkçe
Ebat : 23 x 33
Cornucopia 32
Sayı : 32
Tarih : 2004
Sayfa Sayısı : 142
Liste Fiyatı : 300,00 EUR
(Bu ürünü aldığınızda 9000 puan kazanacaksınız)
Açıklama :

Cornucopia 32   

Yazısı bulunanlar ve makaleleri

Yazar Makale Adı Sayfa No Dergi veya Eser Adı Konu
David Barchard ‘In Search of Byzantium’: reviews of Byzantine Monuments of Istanbul by John Freely and Ahmet S Çakmak Hagia Sophia by W Eugene Kleinbauer Anthony White and Henry Matthews The Art of the Kariye Camii and Master Builders of Byzantium by Robert Ousterhout 010 - 012 Cornucopia 32
Anthony Wynn ‘Large Tales Little People’: review of Young Turk by Moris Farhi 012 Cornucopia 32
Andrew Finkel "‘The New Istanbul’; the changing role of the city at the crossroads of the world " 016 - 018 Cornucopia 32
Elizabeth Meath Baker "‘The Spend of History’; shopping in the markets bazaars and trendy shops of Istanbul a city that has been a trading centre for centuries " 018 - 019 Cornucopia 32
David Barchard "‘After Crimea’; how the Crimean War spurred Istanbul’s growth lifting the city from the position of remote backwater to which it had sunk to a thriving European commercial metropolis " 020 - 024 Cornucopia 32
Heath W. Lowry "‘Ottoman Renaissance’; Mehmed the Conqueror and his dream of remaking the city from the empty shell he inherited to the cosmopolitan city it became " 026 - 029 Cornucopia 32
Robert Ousterhout "‘Byzantium’; finding the remaining mystery and imagination of the city’s Byzantine heritage " 030 - 033 Cornucopia 32
Andrew Finkel "‘Walking the Golden Mile’; Sultanahmet, the starting point for any visitor and the very heart of two great empires, a world of beauty and grandeur " 040 - 051 Cornucopia 32
Norman Stone ‘History in the Making’: reviews of Suits and Uniforms: Turkish Foreign Policy Since the Cold War by Philip Robins and The Turks Today by Andrew Mango 048 Cornucopia 32
Elizabeth Meath Baker "‘The Grand Bazaar’; a guide to the labyrinthine landmark full of eccentric experts and raffish raconteurs " 054 - 059 Cornucopia 32
Owen Matthews "‘Perşembe Pazarı’; a paradise for male shoppers among the finest concentration of hardware chandlery machinery and ironmongery in the world as well as a side of Istanbul life that has remained unchanged for centuries " 065 - 069 Cornucopia 32
Owen Matthews "‘A Stroll with the Master’; wandering around the Golden Horn’s heady past with John Freely the man who made strolling through the city a fine art " 070 - 077 Cornucopia 32
Andrew Finkel "‘A Big Man’s Toy Box’; exploring the Rahmi Koç Museum, a hands - on science and technology museum, the product of the passion of one of Turkey’s foremost industrialists " 081 - 082 Cornucopia 32
Maureen Freely "‘Bohemia at its Best’; the author as an impressionable child in the Sixties Maureen Freely encountered a cast of colourful characters who enriched Istanbul’s Left Bank " 086 - 091 Cornucopia 32
Elizabeth Meath Baker "‘Collector’s Corner’; a round - up of the best places to forage in Çukurcuma Beyoğlu’s antiques district " 094 - 096 Cornucopia 32
"‘For Seekers of Chic’; Cornucopia explores Nişantaşı, unquestionably the smartest part of town, where people browse for designer clothes and hungry shoppers can lunch in style" 097 - 101 Cornucopia 32
Patricia Daunt "‘All Along the Waterfront’; the strait that divides Istanbul is a cool antidote to the hustle and bustle of the city as well as a potent channel of myth and history – and a destructive force as well as a lifeline " 102 - 107 Cornucopia 32
Caner Imren ‘How the Bosphorus was Born’ the geological theories behind the creation of one of the most important waterways in the world 107 Cornucopia 32
Philip Mansel "‘Palaces of the Last Sultans’; a who’s who of the colourful sultans who commissioned four of Europe’s finest nineteenth century palaces " 112 - 114 Cornucopia 32
Claire Karaz "‘The Palaces’; Beylerbeyi Dolmabahçe Ihlamur Pavillion and Yıldız Palace " 115 - 116 Cornucopia 32
John Carswell "‘Museums’; the Sadberk Hanım Museum and the Sakıp Sabancı Museum " 116 Cornucopia 32
Owen Matthews "‘Some Enchanted Evening’; the personalities the summer mansions and the history of the Princes Islands " 118 - 124 Cornucopia 32
Andrew Finkel Hettie Judah and Anastasia Ashman "‘Istanbul on a Plate’; the authors eat their way through the city, from the Old City to Beyoğlu, from the European shore of the Bosphorus to the Asian " 127 - 132 Cornucopia 32
Berrin Torolsan "‘Bounty of the Bosphorus’; for the Istanbullu no food can compare with the fish of the Bosphorus " 134 - 142 Cornucopia 32
Azize Ethem Village Voices by Azize Ethem 147 - 149 Cornucopia 32
Tony Barrell Istanbul Diary by Tony Barrell 154 - 158 Cornucopia 32

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