Yayıncı:Kayık Yayıncılık
Yayın Yeri : İstanbul
Dili : Türkçe
Ebat : 23 x 33
Cornucopia 15
Sayı : 15
Tarih : 1998
Sayfa Sayısı : 142
Liste Fiyatı : 12,00 EUR
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Açıklama :

Cover story
The holy mountain
The story of Ottoman Athos
by Anthony Bryer with photographs by Graham Speake

Athos unveiled: an unprecedented portrait of the glorious backdrop to a thousand years of unworldly devotion and Byzantine intrigue

For more than a millennium Ayanoros, better known to the West as Mount Athos, has been a spiritual beacon to Orthodox believers. Yet the world's oldest political entity flourished most brilliantly under Ottoman rule. Two scholars who have had a lifelong interest in this jealously isolated community give a unique insider's view. Anthony Bryer, the eminent Byzantanist, gives a personal account. Graham Speake, as secretary of the Friends of Mount Athos, has been in a privileged position to take the photographs

24 pages, 32 illustrations, 1 map

Cornucopia 15   

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