Yayıncı:Kayık Yayıncılık
Yayın Yeri : İstanbul
Dili : Türkçe
Ebat : 23 x 33
Cornucopia 08
Sayı : 08
Tarih : 1995
Sayfa Sayısı : 142
Liste Fiyatı : 250,00 EUR
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Açıklama :

Issue 8

Cover story

An Aegean Odyssey
by Rose Baring and Barnaby Rogerson
with photographs by Faruk Akbas

Everyone moans that the coastline of the Aegean is being ruined, but it still offers a feast of sun, sea, countryside and culture. Rose Baring and Barnaby Rogerson fly out with a clutch of travel books to the southwest.

Cornucopia 08   

Yazısı bulunanlar ve makaleleri

Yazar Makale Adı Sayfa No Dergi veya Eser Adı Konu
Christopher Ryan "‘Poems of the Plains’; going to the edge of the Anatolian Plateau in search of the spirit of Yunus Emre fourteenth century minstrel and man of the people " 062 - 065 Cornucopia 08
Andrew Finkel Counterpoint: ‘Angelic Smiles and knitted brows’; Nur Ger, the president of the Clothing Manufacturers Association, and her campaign to ensure that Turkey takes its place in Europe " 031 - 032 Cornucopia 08
Mary Işın "‘The Elusive Yunus Emre’; mystic or humanist? outlining the religious debates surrounding Turkey’s most famous poet " 065 Cornucopia 08
David Barchard ‘History without heroes’: review of Turkey: A Modern History by Erik J Zürcher 037 Cornucopia 08
Patricia Daunt "‘The Vizier’s Retreat’; the story of the Kıbrıslı Yalı one of the largest old summerhouses on the Bosphorus and the fluctuating fortunes of the family of the statesman who gave the house its name. Photos by Jerome Darblay and Simon Upton " 066 - 074 Cornucopia 08
John Freely ‘A busy archimandrite’: review of Early Medieval Monasteries in Historic Tao Klarjeti and Şaşveti by Wachtang Djobadze 037 - 038 Cornucopia 08
Barnaby Rogerson and Rose Baring "‘Shades of Green’; amid the olive groves of Kuşadası a new gardening tradtion is taking shape. Photos by Simon Upton " 076 - 079 Cornucopia 08
Christopher Ferrard ‘In Search of an old hat’: review of A Fez of the Heart by Jeremy Seal 038 Cornucopia 08
Philippa Scott "‘Circus Performers’; saleroom and exhibition notes from London Paris and Geneva " 017 - 023 Cornucopia 08
Berrin Torolsan "‘Youth Culture’; a host of recipes for yoghurt elixir of sovereigns libation to the gods and secret to longevity " 082 - 086 Cornucopia 08
Rose Baring and Barnaby Rogerson "‘An Aegean Odyssey’; the first of a series exploring the Aegean which still offers a feast of sun sea countryside and culture. Photos by Faruk Akbaş " 040 - 047 Cornucopia 08
Alice Carswell "‘Grounds for Discontent’; Çelik Gülersoy’s campaign to keep the arts available to the public " 024 Cornucopia 08
Shirley Conran "‘In the Wake of Herodotus’; the novelist sets sail off Turkey’s Aegean shore with Westminster Classic Tours " 094 - 097 Cornucopia 08
Amicia de Moubray and Simon Upton "‘Inside the Grand Bazaar’; the myriad delights of Istanbul’s legendary Grand Bazaar, one of the most famous shopping emporiums in the world " 048 - 061 Cornucopia 08
Filiz Ali "‘Sounds of the City’; on the Istanbul Music Festival " 026 - 029 Cornucopia 08
Andrew Finkel Eating Out: ‘The new school of dinners;’ suppering with the smart set in Etiler and Ulus " 100 - 102 Cornucopia 08

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