Yayıncı:Kayık Yayıncılık
Yayın Yeri : İstanbul
Dili : Türkçe
Ebat : 23 x 33
Cornucopia 05
Sayı : 05
Tarih : 1994
Sayfa Sayısı : 142
Liste Fiyatı : 12,00 EUR
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Açıklama :

Cover story

Hope in the East
A dandy on the grand tour, Thomas Hope and the Benaki drawings
by David Watkin and Fani Maria Tsigakou

In 1983 Fani-Maria Tsigakou of the Benaki Museum in Athens found five volumes of late 18th-century drawings of Ottoman Empire subjects by Thomas Hope. So finely drawn were they that they had been mistakenly catalogued as engravings. Hope had travelled to Turkey on his Grand Tour, falling in love with the customs, costumes and artefacts of the Ottoman Empire, influences he took back with him to London. David Watkin assesses Hope's orientalism and its place in the development of Regency style, and the artist's depictions of Istanbul, among them this pen-and-sepia drawing, are published here, courtesy of the museum, for the first time

Cornucopia 05   

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