Yayıncı:Kayık Yayıncılık
Yayın Yeri : İstanbul
Dili : Türkçe
Ebat : 23 x 33
Cornucopia 03
Sayı : 03
Tarih : 1992
Sayfa Sayısı : 142
Liste Fiyatı : 30,00 EUR
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Açıklama :

Cover story

The Pink House

By Andrew Finkel

Photographs by David George


The Mocan Yali is relatively old, decidedly large and incontrovertibly pink. Sultans stayed in it, Liszt played in it, and whenever it finds its new owner, it will become the last of the grand Istanbul waterfront houses to be parted forever from the family it was built for.

Cornucopia 03   

Yazısı bulunanlar ve makaleleri

Yazar Makale Adı Sayfa No Dergi veya Eser Adı Konu
"Exhibitions in London Paris and Istanbul; Dessins de Liotard The Swagger Portrait Byzantine Art in France " 009 - 011 Cornucopia 03
Richard Dorment ‘Noah’s Ark on the Golden Horn’ the Istanbul biennial at Fezhane 012 - 013 Cornucopia 03
David Tonge ‘A Modern Morality Tale’ review of Asıl Nadir and the Rise and Fall of Polly Peck by David Barchard 015 - 016 Cornucopia 03
JM Rogers ‘Bazaar Books” 016 - 017 Cornucopia 03
David Barchard ‘Reason and Rhyme’ reviews of The Decline and Fall of the Ottoman Empire by Alan Palmer Swimming Against the Tide by Anne O. Kreuger and Okan H. Aktan Modern Turkish Poetry ed. Feyyaz Fergar 018 Cornucopia 03
John Murray Brown ‘Capital Watershed’ tackling the city’s water and sewage crisis 020 - 025 Cornucopia 03
Hafize Nirreb ‘A Head Start with Henna’ taking advantage of nature’s best conditioner and colorant 026 Cornucopia 03
Natasha Curry ‘A Handle on the Cups’ Turkey’s boat racing scene 029 - 030 Cornucopia 03
Anthony Bryer ‘Cruising into Trouble” confusion at every port while cruising the Black Sea 035 - 040 Cornucopia 03
Andrew Finkel ‘The Pink House’, The Fethi Ahmet Pasha Yalı. Photos by David George 044 - 053 Cornucopia 03
Ömer Koç ‘The Cruel Hoaxing of Pierre Loti’ reporting on an infamous literary deception 054 - 056, Cornucopia 03
Jeremy James ‘Of Mountains and Monasteries’ a string of ancient wonders in a land as grand as it is remote. Photos by Tülin Dızdaroğlu and Bünyat Dinç 058 - 071 Cornucopia 03
Paul Harcourt Davies ‘The Night Hawks’ encounters with the magnificent flying machines of the insect world 072 - 073 Cornucopia 03
Brian Sewell ‘Sinan: Architect of a forgotten Renaissance’ the prolific contemporary to Michelangelo barely known in the West. Photos by Ara Güler 074 - 081 Cornucopia 03
Andrew Byfield ‘Where Have All the Flowers Gone’, a scheme to save the crocus 082 - 087, Cornucopia 03
Berrin Torolsan ‘Winter’s Harvest’ cooking with nuts 094 - 098 Cornucopia 03
Christopher Ryan Restaurants: Christopher Ryan The Gravy Train 099 Cornucopia 03
Penny Oakley ‘Bagging the Best’ picking the cream of carpets and textiles 100 - 103 Cornucopia 03
Sidney Nowill Sheer Revelations: Skiing in Turkey. Photograph of Mt Erciyes by Sidney Nowill 106 Cornucopia 03
Berrin Torolsan Shopping: Quick Silve 108 - 109 Cornucopia 03
Marian Wenzel "‘Memories of Old Mostar’; how a relentless bombing campaign is destroying the fruits of five centuries of peaceful coexistence in Bosnia " 112 - 113 Cornucopia 03

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