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"‘Palaces of the Last Sultans’; a who’s who of the colourful sultans who commissioned four of Europe’s finest nineteenth century palaces " Philip Mansel 112 - 114 Cornucopia Cornucopia 32 : Connoisseur’s Guide to Istanbul
"‘Painting his way into History’; Abdülmecit Efendi’s magnificent house on Çamlıca Hill and its pictorial legacy of the last days of empire. Photos by Fritz von der Schulenberg " Philip Mansel 078 - 094 Cornucopia Cornucopia 34 : Ottoman Kaftans
‘The Sultan’s Chalet’ an amazing guesthouse built to welcome the Kaiser. Photos by Fritz von der Schulenburg Philip Mansel 040 - 067 Cornucopia Cornucopia 22 : The Sultan’s Chalet
"‘My Life on the Wilder Shores’; an interview with the celebrated author Lesley Blanch aged 103 ( the last interview published in her lifetime Portrait photograph by Norman Parkinson" Philip Mansel 029 - 034 Cornucopia Cornucopia 37 : A Riot of Textiles
‘The Flight of the Last Sultan’ An Extract from Constantinople: City of World’s Desires Philip Mansel 029 Cornucopia Cornucopia 09 : Ideal Worlds
‘Shots of Empire’ the royal photographer Vassilaki Kargopoulo Philip Mansel 028 - 032 Cornucopia Cornucopia 23 : Haute Ottoman
"‘Cracks in the Wall of Time’; review of Souvenir of Istanbul Photographs from the Yıldız Palace Albums by Nurhan Atasoy " Philip Mansel 024 - 027 Cornucopia Cornucopia 38 : The Big Bursa
Exhibition Review: ‘The House of Osman’ review of The Sultan’s Portrait: Picturing the House of Osman at the Topkapı Sarayı Istanbul Philip Mansel 011 - 017 Cornucopia Cornucopia 21 : Ottoman Damascus
‘Eastern Overtures’ Poland’s Ottoman inheritance Philip Mansel 011 - 014 Cornucopia Cornucopia 19 : Forgotten Riches
‘Painter in the Palace’ the paintings of Jean Baptiste Vanmour Philip Mansel 010 - 017 Cornucopia Cornucopia 30 : Early Journeys
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