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‘Kandinsky’s Pot of Gold’ review of Ikat: Silks of Central Asia by Kate Fitz Gibbon Philippa Scott 022 - 023 Cornucopia 13
‘Magnificence in miniature’ From Ottoman autumn to Indian summer: what’s coming on show and going under them hammer Philippa Scott 011 - 019 Cornucopia 14
‘Precious Metals’ leafing through Gold Silver & Bronze from Mughal India by Mark Zebrowski Philippa Scott 030 - 031 Cornucopia 14
‘The Art of the Painted Page’ uncovering a heady mix of miniatures panoramas textiles calligraphy and royal mementos in the salerooms of London New York and Paris Philippa Scott 011 - 014 Cornucopia 15
‘A Study In Blue and White’ review of Iznik Pottery by John Carswell Philippa Scott 017 Cornucopia 15
‘Coats of many colours’ from conquerors and their costumes to carpets and their collectors the writer finds a kaleidoscope of Turkish art in London Paris and New York Philippa Scott 009 - 012 Cornucopia 16
‘Taking a Long Nap’ review of Konya Cappadocia Carpets From the 17th to the 19th Centuries by Ayan Gülgönen Philippa Scott 038 Cornucopia 16
New Saleroom Discoveries in London and Paris Philippa Scott 011 Cornucopia 17
‘A carpetbagger’s guide” Philippa Scott 012 - 014 Cornucopia 17
‘Robe of Gold’ review of Silk: 13th to 18th Centuries Treasures from the Museum of Islamic Art Qatar published by the Nactional Council for Culture Arts and Heritage Doha Philippa Scott 023 - 024 Cornucopia 31
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