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‘Coats of many colours’ from conquerors and their costumes to carpets and their collectors the writer finds a kaleidoscope of Turkish art in London Paris and New York Philippa Scott 009 - 012 Cornucopia 16
‘Beguilded by the Bosphorus’ Ideal nineteenth century views pretty Ottoman purses a Savile club Iznik...a look at what’s going under the hammer Philippa Scott 009 - 012 Cornucopia 13
New Saleroom Discoveries in London and Paris Philippa Scott 011 Cornucopia 17
‘The Art of the Painted Page’ uncovering a heady mix of miniatures panoramas textiles calligraphy and royal mementos in the salerooms of London New York and Paris Philippa Scott 011 - 014 Cornucopia 15
London and Paris salesrooms and exhibition Philippa Scott 011 - 014 Cornucopia 18
‘Magnificence in miniature’ From Ottoman autumn to Indian summer: what’s coming on show and going under them hammer Philippa Scott 011 - 019 Cornucopia 14
‘A carpetbagger’s guide” Philippa Scott 012 - 014 Cornucopia 17
‘Sotheby’s gilds the lily’ London’s record breaking Orientalists Glorious Byzantium in New York bounty from the Black Sea and eye - catching ikats in Boston Philippa Scott 013 - 016 Cornucopia 12
‘How Rugs Get into the Picture’ the year of the carpet and the season of Islamic sales in Istanbul Milan and Philadelphia Philippa Scott 013 - 018 Cornucopia 11
‘More than Oriental Splendour” Philippa Scott 015 - 022 Cornucopia 09
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