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‘Treasures of a Lost Dynasty’ the Hôtel Nissim de Camondo photos by Jean Marie del Moral Patricia Daunt 076 - 097 Cornucopia 26
‘From Lunacy to Diplomacy’ How the Hotel Lamballe became the Turkish Embassy in Paris Patricia Daunt 034 - 048 Cornucopia 30
‘The Great Yalı of Zeki Pasha.” Photos by Jean Marie del Moral and Simon Upton Patricia Daunt 088 - 098 Cornucopia 17
‘Some Enchanted Evening’ A Summerhouse on the Ottoman Riviera. Photos by Fritz von der Schulenberg Patricia Daunt 042 - 057 Cornucopia 18
‘Palaces of Diplomacy” The embassies of Ottoman Beyoğlu part two of a two part series on Istanbul’s embassiep. Photos by Fritz von der Schulenburg Patricia Daunt 060 - 075 Cornucopia 05
"‘All Along the Waterfront’; the strait that divides Istanbul is a cool antidote to the hustle and bustle of the city as well as a potent channel of myth and history – and a destructive force as well as a lifeline " Patricia Daunt 102 - 107 Cornucopia 32
‘The Summer Palaces of Istanbul’ photos by Fritz von der Schulenberg Patricia Daunt 036 - 051 Cornucopia 06
‘The Jewel Box’ A Diplomat’s Bosphorus Retreat photos by Simon Upton Patricia Daunt 066 - 077 Cornucopia 07
‘Reflections on Water’ ‘Artist in Residence’ and ‘Basket Houses’ three stories about Lake Köyceğiz Patricia Daunt 040 - 087 Cornucopia 20
"‘In the Spirit’s Wake’; the story of how two architects created the hotel Sumahan on the Water breathing new life into an old Ottoman spirit factory. Photos by Jürgen Frank " Patricia Daunt 098 - 107 Cornucopia 34
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