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‘Lady of Letters’ review of Constantinople during the Crimean War by Emelia BM Hornby David Barchard 029 - 030 Cornucopia Cornucopia 30 : Early Journeys
‘Questioning the Popes’ Authority’ review of Turkey Unveiled: Atatürk and After by Nicole and Hugh Pope David Barchard 015 Cornucopia Cornucopia 13 : The Turkish Garden
( 1865 - 1939 Chief Dragonman of the British Embassy in Turkey by GR Berrige David Barchard 030 Cornucopia Cornucopia 39 : Diplomatic Secrets
‘Fundamental Division’ review of Islam and Society in Turkey by David Shankland David Barchard 032 - 034 Cornucopia Cornucopia 22 : The Sultan’s Chalet
‘The wizard of Oz’ review of A Nation of Empire: The Ottoman Legacy of Turkish Modernity by Michael E Meeker David Barchard 028 - 030 Cornucopia Cornucopia 27 : Sublime Simplicity
"‘The Man Who Made Albania’; the roller - coaster career of Ismail Kemal " David Barchard 035 - 039 Cornucopia Cornucopia 34 : Ottoman Kaftans
‘Acts of God and Man’ reviews of The Seismicity of Turkey and Adjacent Areas: A Historical Review 1500 - 1800 by NN Ambraseys and Caroline Finkel and Bandits and Bureaucrats by Karen Barkey David Barchard 031 Cornucopia Cornucopia 09 : Ideal Worlds
‘The Brothers Mango’ historians past and present review of Atatürk by Andrew Mango and Byzantium: The Empire of New Rome by Cyril Mango David Barchard 018 - 020 Cornucopia Cornucopia 19 : Forgotten Riches
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