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"‘State of the Union’: review of The British and the Hellenes by Robert Holland and Diana Markides; Twice a Stranger by Bruce Clark and The Reports of the Last British Consul in Trabzon 1949 - 1956 ed. Christopher Harris " David Barchard 020 - 022 Cornucopia Cornucopia 36 : A Beauty on the Bosphorus
"‘After Crimea’; how the Crimean War spurred Istanbul’s growth lifting the city from the position of remote backwater to which it had sunk to a thriving European commercial metropolis " David Barchard 020 - 024 Cornucopia Cornucopia 32 : Connoisseur’s Guide to Istanbul
‘Byzantium: Another Piece in the Puzzle’: review of A Byzantine Settlement in Cappadocia by Robert Ousterhout David Barchard 022 Cornucopia Cornucopia 35 : Istanbul Elegy
Desptaches by David Barchard, and Andrew Finkel , David Tonge David Barchard, and Andrew Finkel, David Tonge 022 - 024 Cornucopia Cornucopia 02 : The Essential Rose
‘Future imperfect’ review of Turkish Foreign Policy by William Hale and The European Union and Cyprus by Christopher Brewin David Barchard 022 - 024 Cornucopia Cornucopia 23 : Haute Ottoman
‘The Good Fight’ Sir Herbert Chermside soldier diplomat peacekeeper David Barchard 023 - 024 Cornucopia Cornucopia 26 : The Birth of Art
‘Of Monks and Generals’ reviews of Byzantine Books David Barchard 023 - 024 Cornucopia Cornucopia 11 : Anatolia Rediscovered
‘The Princely Pasha of Crete’ Gritli Mustafa Naili Pasha David Barchard 023 - 026 Cornucopia Cornucopia 30 : Early Journeys
‘A keen eye for detail’ review of Sketches of Turkey in 1831 and 1832 by James Ellsworth de Kay David Barchard 024 Cornucopia Cornucopia 31 : China’s Wild West
‘Making Airwaves” David Barchard 024 Cornucopia Cornucopia 05 : Palaces of Diplomacy I
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