Yayıncı:Kayık Yayıncılık
Yayın Yeri : İstanbul
Dili : Türkçe
Ebat : 23 x 33
Cornucopia 16
Sayı : 16
Tarih : 1998
Sayfa Sayısı : 142
Liste Fiyatı : 50,00 EUR
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Açıklama :

Cover story
Postcards from paradise
Articles on Büyükada by Andrew Finkel, John Carswell, Elizabeth Meath Baker and Angela Berzeg
Photographs by Simon Upton

In a 36 page tribute, Cornucopia offers five contrasting views of the largest of the Princes Islands, Büyükada. Distant enough for monastic retreat and political exile, close enough for the summer migration of Istanbul's bourgeoisie, this beguiling island has a tranquil past but a perilous future. Andre Finkel looks back with affection on thirty years of summer holidays; John Carswell records his first impressions; Elizabeth Meath Baker and Angela Berzeg unlock the doors to three of its most fascinating houses.

Cornucopia 16   

Yazısı bulunanlar ve makaleleri

Yazar Makale Adı Sayfa No Dergi veya Eser Adı Konu
Philippa Scott ‘Coats of many colours’ from conquerors and their costumes to carpets and their collectors the writer finds a kaleidoscope of Turkish art in London Paris and New York 009 - 012 Cornucopia 16
David Barchard :Ambassador extraordinary’ Zeki Kuneralp one of Turkey’s most venerated diplomats 015 - 016 Cornucopia 16
Andrew Finkel Issues of the Day: Istanbul and Beyond by Andrew Finkel 019 - 023 Cornucopia 16
Robert Ousterhout Frances Kazan Charles Vaughan and Harvey Broadbent Despatches: from Istanbul Marmaris Baku New York and Sydney by Robert Ousterhout Frances Kazan Charles Vaughan and Harvey Broadbent 027 - 034 Cornucopia 16
Maureen Freely ‘Turning to Ash’ review of Selected Poems by John Ash 037 Cornucopia 16
Anthony Wynn ‘Diary of a Revolution’ review of The Priest and the King: An Eye - Witness Account of the Iranian Revolution by Desond Harney 037 - 038 Cornucopia 16
John Scott ‘Square One’ review of Istanbul: An Architectural Guide by Christa Beck and Christiane Forsting 038 Cornucopia 16
Philippa Scott ‘Taking a Long Nap’ review of Konya Cappadocia Carpets From the 17th to the 19th Centuries by Ayan Gülgönen 038 Cornucopia 16
Tim Stanley ‘Charted Territory’ review of Piri Reis and his Carts by Mine Esiner Özen 038 Cornucopia 16
Tim Stanley Exhibition review: ‘Words of Art’ the Sakıp Sabancı Collection of Calligraphy 040 - 041 Cornucopia 16
Andrew Finkel ‘Is the Honeymoon Over?” the writer, who was married on the island, laments the erosion of a bourgeois idyll 042 - 049 Cornucopia 16
John Carswell ‘The Whistletop Tourist’ delighting in the island’s quirky architecture 052 - 058 Cornucopia 16
Angela Berzeg and Elizabeth Meath Baker ‘Studies for a Still Life’ the house of artist Tiraje Dikmen 061 - 065 Cornucopia 16
Elizabeth Meath Baker ‘Smart Nouveau’ the Farra house 067 - 069 Cornucopia 16
Elizabeth Meath Baker ‘Fresh as a Fresco’ The Meziki Konağı one of the few stone palazzos on Büyükada 070 - 077 Cornucopia 16
Christine Thomson ‘Theatre of War’ the triumphal processions of sixteenth century rulers 078 - 081 Cornucopia 16
Kate Clow ‘Keepers of the Light’ the saga of the lighthouse on Antalya’s Cape Chelidonia 082 - 086 Cornucopia 16
Andrew Byfield ‘Skulduggery Among the Cedars’, the story of one of Turkey’s rarest bulbs 090 - 092 Cornucopia 16
Berrin Torolsan ‘A Feast of Figs’ 096 - 100 Cornucopia 16
David Morray ‘The Dragoboys of Ortaköy’ training an elite corps of young British diplomats in the 19th century 106 - 108 Cornucopia 16
Trade Secrets: ‘Wax Work” by Elizabeth Meath Baker 110 - 111 Cornucopia 16
James M Dorsey and Christopher Urban Business: ‘Foreign Magnet” by James M Dorsey and Christopher Urban 112 Cornucopia 16
Andrew Finkel and Christopher Ryan Restaurants: Eating out in Istanbul and London by Andrew Finkel and Christopher Ryan 114 - 117 Cornucopia 16
Andrew Finkel Counterpoint: The Net Surfer’s Guide to Turkey by David Barchard and The Cornucopia Investment Challenge by Andrew Finkel 120 Cornucopia 16

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